Bulletproof Glass Protection for Police Stations

San Clemente Police DepartmentWhen people think about police stations, the assumption is they’re safe. Between the constant activity, armed police officers, and the function of the building, the last place to expect violence is at a police station. This isn’t the case though. Just this month, an armed gunman opened fire in the lobby of a Los Angeles police department. While police stations are usually safe, one thing not considered is the possibility of a disgruntled civilian walking into the lobby. Given the primary function of a police station, it’s possible someone in a high stress situation could feel helpless and respond accordingly. Given that possibility, securing a police station lobby with a custom bullet resistant barrier is ideal for optimal security for the officers working at the station.

Four Major Components of a Police Station Bulletproof Glass Barrier

To make sure a police station is safe and secure, the best bulletproof barrier design options include:

  • Incorporating Level 3 Bulletproof Polycarbonate for interior elements and Glass-Clad Polycarbonate for exterior applications
  • Securing the front entrance and vestibule area with bullet resistant doors and automatic locking mechanisms
  • Fortifying potential weak points within heavy traffic areas of the police station as opposed to securing every window
  • Implementing a barrier system around the front lobby and dispatch areas to protect on-duty officers

If you’ve never worked with bulletproof glass, it’s important to consult industry experts like Total Security Solutions. Most police station barrier design and installation projects are retrofits, which makes it hard for someone without experience to incorporate all necessary elements to make the bullet resistant barrier rated and secure (such as ballistic framing and package passers). With a retrofit design, the added barrier must blend into the existing design seamlessly. If you’re working on a project like this, don’t hesitate to contact our design specialists to guide you through the process. Our employees can give you a free bulletproof glass spec review to make sure your design will offer safety, security, functionality, and look aesthetically pleasing.

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