Frosted, Mirrored or Graphics: The “Pretty” Side of Bulletproof Security Glass

Glass continues to be an integral part of today’s architecture with designers striving to push the limits of this material, from digitally printed and curved glass façades to suspended glass walkways. When you first hear the phrase “bulletproof security glass,” you might think of a simple bank teller window, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Total Security Solutions can work with you to design an attractive, custom bulletproof barrier that complements the design of your facility while meeting your security needs.

If you’re an architect or designer, you might be interested in what architectural treatments can be applied to bulletproof security glass. You’re in luck!

Tinted Bulletproof Glass-Clad Polycarbonate Security GlassWhile there are some limitations to the material, bullet-resistant glass can be tinted and frosted, as well as made various colors by adding a colored polycarbonate cap sheet as the outer layer of the security glass. Similarly, a film can be added in between the layers to achieve a frosted appearance. Glass-clad polycarbonate is also available with a mirrored finish for outdoor use.

Companies looking to apply a removable logo or other graphic can do so using a special vinyl cling-type material, such as the 3form Glazing material.  These non-adhesive type graphics can easily be applied and later removed without damaging the surface of the bulletproof security glass.

Vinyl Cling Graphics Do Not Mean Adhesives

Despite the ability to apply removable vinyl cling graphics, it is important to remember to never apply adhesives as the backing on most stickers and tape eats away at the finish on ballistic glass. The worst culprit is common scotch tape. According to Total Security Solutions vice president Jim Richards, “That stuff’s impossible once it’s on there for even a couple days. After a couple days it starts to absorb into the material. Then, inevitably, some kid tries to scrape it off with a utility knife, and it’s over.”

This isn’t to say that adhesives or scratches cause structural damage to the security glass–a sheet of bullet resistant glass stops a 9mm bullet just as well with banana stickers as without–but adhesives will scar the surface, and an apologetic workers’ attempts to clean up the mess can make the damage even more visible.

Applying vinyl cling graphics or using  frosted bulletproof security glass can provide a high-end, custom aesthetic to a standard ballistic barrier. To learn more about custom architectural treatments available for bulletproof security glass, please give us a call at 800.513.1468.

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