Horizontal and Vertical Sliders: The Unique Security Challenges of Convenience Stores

A few weeks ago, we reviewed the advantages of each of the bulletproof barriers most commonly installed in banks, credit unions and government facilities, including the arch window, baffle window, secure sound, and speak hole and backer system. Convenience stores and gas station transaction points, however, require a slightly different approach to security, primarily because of the high volume of traffic they see and also because cash/credit is typically being exchanged for goods that must pass from the seller to the buyer without compromising security.

Convenience stores and gas stations also require varying levels of security throughout the day. During peak daytime hours, bulletproof barrier systems such as the horizontal or vertical slider enable open communication between staff and employees without the obstruction of bulletproof glass. For the 9pm to 5am period most often targeted by armed thieves, however, convenience store and gas stations clerks can lock down the horizontal or vertical slider system to ensure employee safety while continuing to conduct transactions.

Flexible Bulletproof Barriers Provide Varying Levels of Security Throughout the Day

The horizontal slider system, as its name suggests, slides open and closed from side-to-side, while the vertical slider lifts upward to open. The horizontal slider is two pieces of overlapping bulletproof glass in which one slides behind the other to provide uninterrupted interaction with customers. When closed, employees can maintain communication with customers through one of several talk-thru options as well as a package passer or currency tray. Because the horizontal slider must fit within the available counter space, the window opening is limited by the width of the counter.

The vertical slider system, while the more costly alternative, provides an unobstructed countertop space for the most part during daytime hours by tucking vertically out of the way. Through the use of counterbalance weights, the bulletproof glass can be lifted open to any height and will stay.

Both the horizontal and vertical slider system can be locked into place should there be a threat to security. By pushing the slider tightly closed, a plunger pin will activate locking into the bullet-resistant frame so it cannot be opened.

The high volume of customer traffic and varying level of security threats throughout the day require a slightly different approach to security for convenience stores and gas stations. Bulletproof barrier systems such as the horizontal or vertical slider enable employees to leave the system open during peak daytime hours, while still securing the facility during evening hours when potential threats are higher.



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