Improving Township Office Security With a Bulletproof Barrier

Townships don’t have the violent crime rates that urban areas do. But township offices see a wide variety of uses, which makes for a tricky security profile. A single township office building might handle everything from utility bill payments to issuing permits, and serve as the local police station, emergency storm shelter, town hall for public meetings, and more. As a result, township offices are stepping up security measures to ensure the well-being of employees. This especially common in remote areas, where many offices are lightly staffed most days.

  Bulletproof Municipal Buildings

Choose the Right Bullet Proof Barrier Subcontractor 

Total Security Solutions can (and does) work entirely independently on many security upgrades, designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing the entire system. But they also have a great deal of experience partnering with general contractors and architects.

The TSS design process has three major goals:  Making sure your barrier system meets your security needs, making sure that the system looks good, and making sure that system fits your budget.

This may mean working smoothly with your existing team of contractors and architects, so all of the pieces come together seamlessly.  But just as often it’s a matter of working directly with the various municipal stakeholders in that building, assuring that the barrier meets the functional and safety requirements of each group.

“We always want everything to run smoothly,” TSS CEO Jim Richards explains.  “Not just in an emergency, when folks are taking shelter behind that barrier. We’re also thinking about normal operations, when citizens and workers are interacting, just getting their jobs done.  We don’t ever want our security barrier to become an obstruction.”

Selecting the Right Security Level for a Township Office 

For many township offices, products Levels 1 through 3 will suffice. These will withstand several rounds from a variety of standard handguns.  In years past, such barriers were even sufficient for local police and sheriff’s offices.  Unfortunately, times are changing.  TSS sees an increasing number of municipal clients that need a Level 4 barrier (capable of withstanding shots from high-powered rifles and even many assault weapons).  TSS security consultants walk each client through the design process. Together they determine precisely which areas to be secure, and how.  Not just bulletproof glass windows, but also bulletproof doors (either standard, or custom finished to match existing conventional doors), counters, and wall reinforcement.

We Give Every Project a Customized Solution

For TSS, all projects are custom work because each client and each location has different needs. “I hate it when I see something where the installer has just tried to shove in some pre-fab solution.  Custom solutions are where we really shine, so we bring that to every design.”



Most importantly, TSS respects how important it is to absolutely minimize business-hours closures at township and municipal offices.  One client, who needed to secure a payment office in a shared municipal building in California, explained:

“I was very impressed. They did all their work at night. They were in and out, totally cleaned up when they left—it was seamless. It was very easy for us, very easy to deal with TSS. We just had no issues at all. From the moment they got their down payment to install it was within a matter of a month. I think it took longer for us to get a check cut than it did for them to have the product together and ready to go.”

Cleaning Bullet Proof Glass with Care

One aspect people don’t think about when they order bulletproof glass is how to care for it.  On the one hand, it’s easier than you might think: just mild dish soap and water will do the job.  But there’s one thing you see on every cleaning cart that should never touch bullet-resistant glass:  Windex:



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