BALLISTIC Live-Fire Product Demonstration VIDEOS

Watch as Total Security Solutions shows how their bullet-resistant products withstand live-fire demonstrations.


Live-Fire Product Demonstration

Live-Fire Product Demonstration – Healthcare

Learn about the best practices for ballistic protection in Healthcare facilities, and see a live-fire product demonstration on Level 3 rated laminated acrylic and fiberglass panels.

Live-Fire Product Demonstration – Government Facilities

In this webinar, we discuss best practices for enhancing security within government facilities and show a live-fire product demonstration on our Level 3 rated LP1250 BR glazing and ballistic fiberglass.

Live-Fire Product Demonstration – Financial Industry

Our Total Security Solutions team talks about best practices for ballistic protection and shows a live-fire demonstration of our glass, frame, and fiberglass materials.

Live-Fire Product Demonstration – Corporate Offices

Our Total Security Solutions experts talk about the best practices for corporate offices and distribution facilities and see a live-fire product demonstration with a piece of level 3 glazing, laminated polycarbonate acrylic.

Live-Fire Product Demonstration –
Retail Facilities

Watch as Total Security Solutions demonstrates how their bullet-resistant glass and fiberglass products withstand a live-fire demonstration.


See Total Security Solution's Level 3 bullet-resistant door be shot over 100 times with a .44 Magnum pistol with no bullet penetration.

Ballistic glass, frames, and doors - shootout

Watch as numerous Total Security Solutions' bullet-resistant products are shot in a live-fire setting.

Bullet-resistant glass or security window film - shoot out

Think that security window film stops bullets? Watch this demonstration to see how common insulated glass panels with professionally applied 13mil security window film stand up vs. Level 1 ballistic insulated glass in a 9mm handgun live-fire demonstration.

Shooting Bulletproof Windows and Door

What happens when you shoot bulletproof glass with a .44 Magnum pistol? What about a 7.62mm caliber rifle? Watch as the TSS team puts four popular products to the test.