Bullet Proof Glazing

Bullet Proof Glazing

The ideal way to add bullet proof glazing to your current service portfolio.

As an independent glazier, you likely see many new opportunities to add bullet-resistant barriers and bullet proof glazing to your portfolio of products and services. As the world becomes more violent and unpredictable, the demand for bulletproof glass or bullet resistant glass has never been greater. With over 30 years of experience serving customers just like yours, we’re the perfect partner to help you take full advantage of a growing market, as we have with many glaziers and glass houses in the past.

The security concepts and bullet proof barrier systems we’ve developed and installed in thousands of threat environments, and our ability to turn orders quickly and efficiently make Total Security Solutions the only bullet proof glass supplier you’ll ever need.

You’ll find Total Security Solutions to be quite easy to work with – we can provide you with materials in bulk for your cutting and installation, or we can provide you with spec sheets that you complete and return. Using your dimensions, we’ll cut, route and drill the required products and ship them ready for quick installation. Either way, your bullet resistant products will be shipped promptly and at a reasonable price.

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