Mill Shops


Security to your specifications.

Total Security Solutions offers the bulletproof products you need most backed by three decades of security expertise. Our proven, reliable processes mean the materials you order are to your exact specifications the first time. We can provide you with materials in bulk for your cutting and installation, or we can provide you with spec sheets that you complete and return. Using your dimensions, we’ll cut, route and drill the required products and ship them ready for quick installation. Either way, your materials will be shipped promptly and at a reasonable price.

We also offer a standard inventory of high quality, UL-approved materials ready to ship within an average of three business days. Using our Quick Ship program, you can respond to virtually any customer’s bullet-resistant barrier needs, no matter the time frame.

What is Level 1-3 protection?
Security levels for bullet-resistant systems are established by UL (Underwriters Laboratory), the primary testing organization for materials used in these systems. Each level has been tested and found effective at stopping certain types of projectiles, ones most typically employed during an armed robbery. While ratings extend to Level 8, the needs of most convenience stores are well covered in Levels 1-3, which assures protection against projectiles ranging from a 9mm Full Metal Copper Jacket wiith Lead Core (Level 1), .357 Magnum Jacketed Lead soft Point (Level 2), to a .44 Magnum Lead Semi-Wadcutter Gas Checked (Level 3).