Looking for Government Facility Security Solutions? Common FAQs, Answered

As concerns over government facility security grow, we’ve seen increased interest in hardening security at all levels of government. Whether you represent a large metropolitan area, a small rural community, or our nation’s capital, feeling safe at work is critical.

In this blog, we outlined a few questions that we commonly get when speaking with security professionals working within the government sector. 



Question: What Are Some General Government Security Solutions and Best Practices?

Answer: We encourage everyone to ask themselves these questions at the start of their project: 

  1. How will I communicate?
  2. How will I pass items between the threat and secure sides?
  3. How should the finished system look?

Be sure to browse our selection of transaction windows to get a good idea of clarity and sound transmission options. For instance, a baffle window offers a high level of visibility and sound transmission, so it doesn’t feel like there’s a bulky barrier in the way. It also makes it easy for a camera behind the desk to capture images through the bulletproof glass barrier. 

Question: What Is the Most Common UL Level for Local Municipalities?

Answer: Most local government offices choose a UL level 1 or 3, which are both rated for handguns. Level 1 glazing is often a sufficient deterrent; level 3 is rated to withstand up to three shots from a .44 Magnum pistol. 

Question: What Is the Most Common UL Level for Large Cities, State, or Federal Government Buildings?

Answer: While your specific recommendation will depend on threat level and budget, we suggest choosing level 3 glazing when you can. Level 3 covers all handguns, which is usually a comprehensive level of protection. 

For federal government or high-risk, high-traffic facilities, we suggest increasing to levels 4 or 5 to include coverage from rifle fire.

Question: What Type of Barrier Is Best for a Main Entrance?

Answer: Most government entrances we fabricate use level 3 bulletproof glass, fiberglass panels, and framing systems. We can also create standalone barriers or backglaze existing exterior windows if you have a design that can’t change, or need to make the most of your budget. 

Question: How Should I Secure Facilities Beyond the Front Lobby?

Answer: As concerns over active shooter events grow, having secure areas for government workers becomes more of a priority. A common solution is to add ballistic fiberglass panels to desk dividers, as well as creating safe rooms out of existing conference rooms that staff can barricade themselves in. Rooms should be large enough to accommodate everyone and be reinforced with ballistic fiberglass wall panels as well as a bulletproof door. We offer a wide range of bulletproof door styles so the ballistic door blends seamlessly with your environment. 

Question: Does TSS Offer Consulting?

Answer: Yes! If you know you need to improve your government building security systems, but aren’t sure where to start, we can either survey your site in person, or review photos and make recommendations remotely. General measurements are often enough for us to quote out a project, but for extremely complex projects, we may recommend our fabrication team visit your site to take exact measurements. This is a critical step in the process, especially when you’re working with higher levels of glazing, like levels 4-8, which contain glass-clad polycarbonate that cannot be modified in the field. 

Question: How Does TSS Collaborate With Architects During the Project Design?

Answer: We find the process of working with architects most effective when we communicate at the beginning of a project before specs are sent out for bids. Otherwise, you risk designing for systems that may not be fabricatable. Our team of engineers can ensure your designs reflect what’s available, possible, and in-line with your client’s aesthetics.

Question: Does TSS Offer Installation?

Answer: Yes! Our on-staff crew offers installation services in the United States. Having an in-house, on-staff team allows us to offer you a turnkey solution executed by expert craftsmen. Another advantage to working with TSS to install is that our team can troubleshoot on the fly if they run into any challenges during the installation process. In fact, 90% of the TSS-completed installation jobs can be completed in one session, usually after hours so we don’t disrupt business. 

We also regularly collaborate with local glaziers, contractors, and construction professionals to ensure products are installed correctly. 

TSS Is Proud to Protect Government Facilities Across the United States

If you want to learn more about your options or to speak with a ballistic expert about your project, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. You can send us a message or give our team a call at 800.513.1468. We look forward to speaking with you!


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