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Bulletproof GlassIn terms of actual construction, bulletproof glass is built by layering sheets of glass with sheets of polycarbonate.  These layers also have protective coatings on them to make the overall structure stronger. The entire pane is then tempered and laminated to create a finished product. Visibility is also taken into consideration, meaning the final manufactured piece of bulletproof glass is built in a way that allows the clarity and visibility of a regular pane of glass.

If struck by a bullet, the glass layer shatters and slows down the bullet, allowing the polycarbonate layer to absorb the  remaining force of the bullet, which then results in the bullet being unable to break through to the other side and harm the person behind the glass.

This is a very brief overview of what goes into creating a pane of bulletproof glass. Keep in mind that it’s also possible to have a bullet resistant window using a single piece of acrylic that is over an inch thick, meaning you may not have glass in your design at all.

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