TSS Provides Unparalleled Support for Architects, Glaziers, and Contractors

If you operate in the world of ballistic security, you know there are no shortages of demands. Tight deadlines and performance goals are the status quo, and every bulletproof design has its own unique challenges. The experts at TSS are here to help you tackle more complex projects, extend your capabilities, and grow your business, all while making the whole process less stressful.

A One-Stop-Shop

When planning a security project, some areas are worth simplifying. Rather than sourcing your ballistic components from several different suppliers, why not trust in the partner that can do it all? Here at TSS, we offer glazing, doors, fiberglass panels, and a wide range of accessories, all designed and fabricated to fit together in one seamless system. We’ll be there from the start, working with you during the planning stages in order to help you avoid costly delays and ensure functionality.

Our attention to detail during the production process even extends into the way we package and ship our products. After all system components are complete, they are carefully packed in custom crates to ensure they make it safely to their destination. And because your system is precisely designed to fit your space, typically no further cutting or drilling is required during installation.

Tackle Challenging Projects with Ease

With assault being the fifth leading cause of workplace deaths, more business owners are recognizing the need for ballistic security. Unfortunately, many bulletproof companies work in narrow, predefined niches—they may not have the experience required or the willingness to fabricate complex shapes. Their in-house capabilities are usually more suited for simpler projects or “off-the-rack” products, meaning it won’t be tailored to your specific needs.

“That’s where we’re different,” explains Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards. “We look at everything on a job­-by­-job basis. We’re able to assess the complexity of a project—even something we’ve never seen before—and figure out where it falls into place. Can we do it? How big of a stretch for us is it? A lot of companies only have specific products that they’ll do. But we don’t specialize in only one vertical such as retail, banks, or schools; we specialize in crafting solutions and systems for the specific situation regardless of the vertical. You bring us the situation, and we design for it. We aren’t afraid of custom work because that’s all we do.”

Don’t Forget the Details

What does it mean to take a systems approach to ballistic security? It means we recognize the complex relationship between safety, functionality, and aesthetics. With accessories to suit any need, our team will help you make sure all of your bases are covered, and that nothing is overlooked. You can choose from:

  • Door Hardware
  • Custom Finishes (laminates/coatings/etc.)
  • Currency Trays to suit a variety of deals and transactions
  • Passers custom-designed to your specific package needs
  • Drawers to facilitate the safe, bullet-resistant transfer of documents or larger items, whether above the counter or below it
  • Talk Thrus to promote natural voice transmission through the use of offset holes

We also offer educational and technical resources specific to your industry. Architects will benefit from our tools to help calculate specs, plan projects, and provide detailed renderings and drawings incorporating our products. Those needing continuing education credits should make sure to check out our AIA-approved training course on AECDaily. Glaziers will be interested to see we provide product images, detailed spec information, and CAD drawings of our line of bullet-resistant products.

TSS: A Profitable Partnership

With decades of experience across all manner of industries, we specialize in designing and fabricating bullet-resistant systems. We’ve partnered with architects, glaziers, millwrights, and contractors, and we know the common pitfalls and miscommunications facing ballistic projects. We can assist you with products that meet building code standards, regulations, and other industry-specific standards, allowing you to grow your business and expand project diversity as you extend your company’s reach. In addition, our team can help you:

  • Incorporate ballistic security best practices into your designs/projects
  • Design custom solutions that increase construction efficiency and reduce risk
  • Mitigate logistics and installation issues, especially on larger installations
Are you ready to get expert advice on an upcoming project? Contact our in-house ballistic experts today, or download our free Ultimate Architect's Resource Kit. We look forward to helping you deliver your next ballistic security solution.
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