Ballistic Windows for Your Bulletproof Security Plan

Any comprehensive bulletproof security plan should center around bulletproof windows that provide ballistic protection without detracting from the aesthetics of your space. But what level of ballistic barrier do you need, and which bulletproof glass windows will be the right choice for your building? It all comes down to your threat level, design needs, and functional requirements.

Which type of glass you choose will affect other ballistic system components (such as doors and frames), build time, and total project cost. Doing your research ahead of time will prevent you from experiencing project delays or disappointment with your final product.

In this article, we’ll outline a few of the key questions you should be asking your bulletproof barrier partner and provide resources to get you started on improving the safety and comfort of your team.

What level of bulletproof glass protection do I need?

Bulletproof windows are tested to ballistic standards established by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). To be classified as tested to a certain UL level, barriers must pass ballistics tests from a variety of weapons and shot calibers.

The most important thing to remember is that every building and business has different levels of risk and operational needs, and the highest level of bulletproof protection is not necessary or appropriate for many facilities. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the 8 levels of bullet resistance, and ask your ballistic window consultant to advise you on what bullet-resistant glass protection level is right for you.

High-security windows and interior design

Integrating ballistic glass protection into your building’s security system doesn’t mean sacrificing a warm and inviting look in your professional space. Modern bulletproof security windows can be seamlessly installed into a retrofitted space or included in any new building design. A bulletproof barrier partner that specializes in custom-designed systems can design, fabricate, and install bulletproof windows that match your space’s aesthetic while keeping your team safe from harm.

When choosing a barrier that will complement your interior design, you’ll want to consider which material will work best with your facility’s look and function. Contrary to the name, most bulletproof glass windows aren’t made solely of glass. They come in a variety of materials to suit various needs, including:

Explore a few of our recent projects at Total Security Solutions to see how clients in industries such as education, healthcare, law enforcement, and retail were able to install customized, secure ballistic glass windows that provide unparalleled security and an inviting work environment.

Choose ballistic security solutions built for your business

Your day-to-day operations should be enhanced, not hindered, by your bulletproof windows and accessories. Consider what essential functions your team will need to perform each day and design your ballistic barrier system with those actions in mind.

Do you frequently talk with walk-in customers? Choose a voice transmission system that ensures easy, comfortable conversations.

Do you need to securely transfer currency or packages between staff and clients? Explore your options for ballistic glass transaction windows and package passers.

Selecting, designing, and installing the right bulletproof glass windows for your comprehensive security system can seem overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Learn more about the Total Security Solutions proven process for creating custom bulletproof solutions, and get in touch with one of our bulletproof glass experts with any questions, anytime.

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