DEFENDER Ballistic Insulated Glass

New Bulletproof Technology That Looks As Good As It Protects

Our new ballistic insulated glass product is ideal for schools, offices, municipal buildings or any facility that requires superior safety + aesthetics. It's an excellent choice for building exteriors and upper floors because it retrofits into existing window frames. It has been tested to UL 752 bulletproof standards and UL 972 forced-entry standards, and it provides superior light transmission and easy care.

DEFENDER Glass Types


  • Tested to UL 752 bulletproof standard
  • Tested to UL 972 forced-entry standards
  • Extreme weather-proof
  • Clear sight lines

Comfort & Aesthetic

  • Natural light and view preservation
  • Glare and heat control
  • Reduced noise
  • Energy savings

Easy Care & Installation

  • Retrofits into existing window frames
  • Resists crazing and de-lamination
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Long life

UL Level 1 standards require glass is able to withstand rounds from small caliber handguns, such as a 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core. UL Level 1 is typically used in corporate headquarters, schools, hospitals, retail stores and small businesses. We test our Defender glass to these standards and offer it in two thickness options: 1 1⁄4" and 1 1⁄8" (for existing frames or TSS thermally improved ballistic storefront frames).

Level 1 Insulated Glass Product Specification sheets:

TSS IG 001 L/S 1 14” Manufacturer Specification Sheet
TSS IG 001 L/S 1 18” Manufacturer Specification Sheet
TSS IG-FE 1516” Manufacturer Specification Sheet

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DEFENDER Ballistic Insulated Glass

We now offer a ballistic insulated glass product that can be customized with UV protection or choice of low-E for additional energy efficiencies.

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8 Levels of Bullet-Resistant Glass Explained

There are 8 levels of bulletproof glazing. Each level is appropriate for different situations, environments and threat levels. The most common standard for rating bullet-resistant windows is UL 752, which is Underwriters Laboratory’s “Standard of Safety for Bullet-Resisting Equipment".

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