Corporate Office Security: Frequently Asked Questions

While safety in the corporate world may have been an afterthought in previous years, the need for office worker protection continues to become more apparent. Though never pleasant to think of, the reality is that a security incident is always possible, and should be appropriately planned for.

To help you through the process of planning and executing a project, we’ve brought together a list of frequently asked questions regarding corporate office ballistic security.

What UL Levels are the Most Common in Corporate Offices? 

UL levels 1 and 3 are the most common for a corporate office setting. Level one serves as a deterrent, offering protection for the cost-conscious, whether it’s a vestibule area, a reception desk, your front entrance doors, or a safe room. Typically level one is the most common for people that are looking for peace of mind without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for more complete coverage, UL level 3 protects against all manner of handguns. Typically we recommend it on front entrances, exterior or interior entrances to an office, and the reception desk area, as well as certain areas within. The type of glazing or glass we normally recommend is a laminated polycarbonate and acrylic material — our LP 1250 BR product offers excellent clarity, forced-entry characteristics, and is lighter than glass, making it the preferred material in these situations.

For exterior applications like doors and windows, we recommend our TSS003 Low-Spall. This glass-clad polycarbonate typically holds up better over time, whether due to environmental factors or simple, everyday use and cleaning.

In corporate main entrances, we recommend a UL level 3. The level 3 is an affordable product, and while a level 4 is sometimes used to protect against high-powered rifles, you’re also more limited with what you can do as glass-clad products are your only option. In some circumstances, we recommend level 4 protection in front entrances and then switch to a lower level as you move further inside, but frequently recommend UL level 3 in private corporation settings.

When it comes to executive offices, we typically recommend UL level 3. Doors might be all-glass, ornate wood core, flush panel wood, or even plastic laminate, and the windows will likely be the LP 1250, either as replacement glazing or used in a backglazing system. There are a wide range of options when planning a retrofit situation, and we’ll make sure everything blends together seamlessly.

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Does TSS Collaborate With Architects and Contractors?

Yes, in fact we recommend it. We love to get in on a project as early as possible, and we enjoy working with architects and contractors. The most successful projects are when an end-user or an architect reaches out to TSS first and asks questions—discussing their security needs, what goals they’re trying to accomplish, and what will fit with the existing aesthetics.

Can You Make a Safe Room From an Existing Room?

Absolutely. Oftentimes a company will choose to retrofit a conference room or another central office as a safe room for employees to easily access. In addition to installing new ballistic doors, windows, and framing, we can also protect the walls with ballistic fiberglass, whether in a new or retrofit situation. In addition, we encourage the use of appropriate door hardware, such as a mortise lock set, to keep everyone inside locked down and safe until first responders arrive on the scene.

What About Other Corporate Facilities Like IT Centers and Distribution Facilities?

We’ve seen quite a few distribution centers utilize a larger check-in area because of previous incidents. We’re able to do a simple check-in point, building a complete vestibule or reception area with the ballistic fiberglass in the millwork. We can also do a checkpoint security area in the middle of the distribution center, building the entire platform, raising it on stairs, with glass as high as you need. We can fit our solutions into practically any setting you have, and provide an on-site assessment, if needed, to evaluate the situation and tailor our products to your exact specifications.

Do You Provide Consulting and Onsite Assessments?

Our ballistic security experts can do a lot over the phone or on a Zoom call, but we’re more than happy to travel out to your location for an onsite assessment.

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Do You Provide Installations? How Long Does My Office Need to be a Construction Zone?

Yes, we can install our products nationwide. Installation time depends on the project, but TSS can usually install overnight, with a larger project possibly taking one or two days. We prefer to work over a weekend, at night, and during off hours, so as to avoid disrupting your daily business.

TSS: Helping You Protect What Matters Most

Although the needs of a corporate environment may continue to change, we know that employee safety will always be a top priority. If you have questions or want to get started with a specific project, contact our ballistic security experts today.

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