Sneeze Guard Barriers Provide Added Protection from COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic puts new emphasis on safety during face-to-face interaction between front-line employees and customers.

As Total Security Solutions clients grapple with how to protect employees providing vital services, our bulletproof security barriers double as another line of defense against invisible viruses spread through moisture droplets from coughs and sneezes or from contact with infected individuals.

Sneeze guards have been used extensively in the food service industry and are now getting new attention in helping to create barriers that may slow the spread of COVID-19 in industries where they weren’t previously used in. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 cites sneeze guards specifically as a level of protection against COVID-19.

While sneeze guards cannot 100% prevent the transmission of COVID-19 or other viruses, having them makes workers feel safer by providing psychological reassurances along with physical deterrence. The physical barrier provides an additional layer of protection, and can be properly maintained with a regular cleaning and sanitation schedule.

VirusGuard™ Barriers

“We are making sure our manufacturing facilities are in a position to expedite these products to our clients and others that have been identified as essential industries,” TSS CEO Jim Richards said. “These are products that can be put in place right now to protect employees in essential industries that come in contact with the public. This can be an ideal time to install barriers, especially in facilities that are currently closed or have reduced hours.”

TSS has also been designated an essential service by a number of our clients, as we are a Michigan-based manufacturing facility that provides added safety and protection. The increased need for an additional layer of protection for frontline employees means we’re prioritizing manufacturing for the following industries:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: We continue to support the frontline heroes who are dealing with the thousands of people affected by COVID-19. We know from our previous work, health care workers are 25% more likely to face violence on the job, and now they additionally have a pandemic to deal with.
  • Government and Municipal Offices: TSS has a strong record of balancing accessible, open government access with safety for workers and the general public they serve.
  • Financial Institutions: Most banks, credit unions, and payday lending offices already recognize the need for security systems that require a level of bulletproof protection. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting financial crisis potentially creates the need for an additional layer of protection for public facing employees.
  • Convenience Stores/Fueling Stations: This business category will continue to be open to the public. We’ll work closely with our clients to develop a physical barrier for busy retail settings that help attendants feel safe – especially when working alone overnight.

TSS is committed to helping businesses weather this crisis and come out of these unprecedented times stronger and more prepared than ever. TSS offers various levels of security while providing Safety + AestheticsTM.

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