municipal infrastructure security trends

Trends in Municipal Infrastructure Security


There’s increased interest in municipal infrastructure security—especially for higher-security bullet-resistant barrier systems in municipal and local government offices. This is especially the case along the southern border, in Texas, Arizona, and Southern California. Is this a sign of sinister anti-government trends along the border?  Are we in the midst of …

Courthouse security guidelines from the The Administrative Office for U.S. Courts include recommendations for bulletproof doors and windows

Hardening Security for Courthouse Buildings


Several states recently boosted their courthouse security measures for the first time in years – some in response to serious breaches.  Others are making upgrades just to stay ahead of the game. Either way, administrators recognize the critical need to protect citizens, employees, judges, and defendants in what can often …

Bulletproof barrier systems provide physical security as well as emotional security for employees and staff in high threat work environments

Bulletproof Barriers For Increased Worker Safety


The past decade has seen a significant shift in bulletproof barriers. This goes beyond just improved aesthetics and engineering. At a fundamental level, the design goals themselves have evolved. “We’ve evolved past just thinking about shootings or robberies,” explains Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards. “Because even if no one fires …

Government buildings and facilities security should be designed not only for the moment of an attack, but for daily operations and the human element that exists in the building every day.

Government Facility Security Designed for Humans


As international security expert Luke Bencie highlighted in a recent interview, security—and especially government facility security—always boils down to “the human factor.” Or, really, the human factors. Bencie highlighted the two-sided coin of target vs. attacker. Understanding these perspectives is vital to any proper security assessment. But integrating your assessment’s …