5 Questions Parents Should Ask About School Security

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Public and private schools in the U.S. take the threat of school violence very seriously hiring school resource officers to keep both students and staff safe in school, installing bullet resistant barriers in schools, and training both students and staff members on procedures to follow should an active shooter situation arise in, around or near their school.

Architecture Facilitates Learning

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The notion of collaborative learning is becoming increasingly popular in primary and secondary education. Schools are moving away from teacher-centric learning highlighted by long lectures and moving toward more active learning, where students work in small groups to learn hands-on and serve both as the student and teacher.

School Security and Access Control for Architects

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Schools often come in initially asking about very extensive Level 5 to 8 systems (which explicitly address the threat of high-powered ammunition and assault weapons). A level 5 to 8 system would likely include blast-rated and bullet resistant exterior windows capable of stopping very powerful ammunition and blasts, bullet proof doors throughout the facility, and so on.
Such high-level systems are prohibitively expensive, and also entirely unnecessary

Schools Used as Polling Locations Face Safety Concerns

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Potential dangers of opening a school to voters could include everything from thousands of strangers in the building to increased car traffic in the parking lots and neighborhoods surrounding schools. Rarer, but still a threat, is the potential for non-custodial parents to use the chaos of election day as an opportunity to access their children.

Active Shooter Management in Schools: Deter and Delay

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One of the Department of Homeland Security’s top recommendations for preventative active shooter management is access control. As we’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, the threat landscape for schools—especially rural and suburban schools—continues to evolve, as have have procedures among law enforcement and first responders. In most areas, if an active shooter can be slowed by just 20 seconds, law enforcement will have the time they need to lock down the scene and neutralize the threat.

ALICE Training Prepares Schools for Active Shooter Events

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One of the nation’s first active shooter response programs for schools was born when Greg Cane asked his wife Lisa, a grade school principal, a simple question about the school’s preparedness for  an active shooter event: “What are y’all doing while the police are making their way to the school?” Lisa said that she would

Bullet Resistant Panels Can Protect Against Tornados and Hurricanes

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For a school facility manager, safety is a primary concern. Maintaining a safe school ranges from day-to-day details–taking care of slippery floors, damaged fire-exit crash bars, loose handrails–to planning for disasters. Although disasters come in many forms–from active shooters to extreme weather–some similar strategies can be employed to increase school safety across the board. Many

Texas Elementary School Partners with Total Security Solutions to Increase Security

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The 2014-2015 school year marked a first for Northside Independent School District, located in San Antonio, Texas, as the students at its newest elementary, Bonnie Ellison Elementary, entered the building through a bullet-resistant glass security lobby. This project, completed by Joeris Construction in partnership with Total Security Solutions, is part of a nearly $8.28 million

Parochial School Retrofits Need a Sensible Security Solution

Higher Education Bulletproof Barrier

In the 21st Century parochial schools have an increasing need for heightened attention to security. Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu and other minority religious groups know the sting of prejudice–and that this sting isn’t always limited to just unkind words. In 2013, 60% of religious hate crimes were anti-Jewish, and over the past half-decade an increasing

Integrated Security for Schools Means Controlling Access

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As you consider a bulletproof upgrade for your facility, keep the big picture in mind: An integrated security solution, at its heart, is about controlling access to the interior of the building–and controlling access is different from limiting access. Most of the time, schools need to allow people to come and go as freely as