Coated vs. Uncoated Ballistic Glazing: What Are My Options?

Many customers don't have a very good idea of what "coated" vs. "uncoated" ballistic glazing is—although many ask about...

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[VIDEO] A Comparison: Bullet, Blast and Forced-­Entry Rated Glass

Bullet, blast and forced-entry rated glass all mean different things. When you're designing for physical security, the...

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man wiping down clear glass

[VIDEO] Cleaning and Sanitizing Bulletproof Barriers

Cleaning and sanitizing your Total Security Solutions bulletproof barrier protects your investment and keeps it...

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Polycarbonate Ballistic Glazing

Everything You Need to Know About Ballistic Polycarbonate Glazing

Business owners and organizations are increasingly considering ballistic polycarbonate glazing for their exterior...

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building with wall of clear windows

Can’t Install Bulletproof Windows but Want Bulletproof Protection?

When you need bulletproof protection, but can’t install traditional bulletproof windows, consider backglazing as an...

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[VIDEO] New Removable Backglazing System

When considering options for ballistic protection, facility owners and managers commonly run into the issue of how to...

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