Healthcare Facility Security is “People Dependent”

HIPAA and data breaches grab the headlines when it comes to healthcare facility security.But an increasing number of...

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The Ugly Truth About Violence in the Healthcare Industry

If you were asked what industry encounters the most violence in the workplace today, what would you guess? It’s not...

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Hospital Design Affects Healing

While the architectural design of the building is probably not top of mind while sitting in a hospital emergency room...

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Three Kinds of Ballistic Barriers for Healthcare Facilities

The 2015 Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Healthcare and Social Service Workers issued by the...

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Protecting Emergency Room Staff

Life safety is top of mind for any facility manager or administrator, and even more so for those in healthcare....

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Hospital Architecture: Designing for Service and for Safety

Healthcare projects pose a unique, interlocking set of challenges for architects. Some the challenges include complex...

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