Bullet Resistant Podium

Taking Custom to a Whole New Level: A High-End Bullet-Resistant Podium

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Bullet Resistant PodiumTotal Security Solutions prides itself on the ability to do custom bulletproof barriers, from a simple size request to a complex retrofit. But recently we had a first for us in the custom department – a bullet-resistant podium.

A major hospital approached us with some basic sketches and overall dimensions, but it was truly a collaborative process to finalize the design of the custom bullet-resistant podium. Total Security Solutions manufactured the entire piece from scratch, lining both the front and sides with Level 3 bullet-resistant fiberglass. Details such as inlaid reveals, radiused aluminum corners and a solid surface top provide a high-end aesthetic. The unit also offers substantial storage behind the cabinet door secured by a combination lock.

This type of custom work is right up our alley so if you have a unique project that requires a bulletproof component, give our knowledgeable sales staff a call. You can even submit a request online for a free bullet resistant barrier design phone consultation.

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