Architects and Contractors: Bullet Proof Glass Installation is Finish Work

Bulletproof Glass Installation

Ballistic glass stops bullets, but it’s not absolutely impervious to damage–especially during installation. If installed too early, you run the risk of the ballistic glazing and aluminum frames getting scratched, dinged, or discolored by chemicals. Unlike conventional glass windows, you can’t scrape paint off of a bullet proof window or wipe it down with Windex

The Evolution of Architectural Glass

Crown Glass

Clear, tinted, bulletproof, solar, energy efficient – the list goes on. Glass is a staple in both residential and commercial architecture. Not long ago, however, only the wealthy could afford even the most basic glass pane windows. Window Glass Through the Ages Window glass dates back to the Roman era. Windows of this time were

Marcy’s Law Would Require Bullet Resistant Barriers

Convenience Store Security

  The Indiana General Assembly is again considering “Marcy’s Law,” which would require bullet resistant barriers for all convenience stores and gas stations in the state. The law is in line with existing OSHA ballistic security recommendations, which advise that stores keeping extended hours in high-crime areas either schedule two workers for high-risk shifts, or

Bullet Proofing Basics for Architects

Bullet proof glass basics

Over the course of decades spent designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing bullet resistant barrier systems, Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has found that there are three aspects of bullet proof design that often trip up architects: Differentiating Among the Levels of Ballistic Protection Understanding Material Constraints Estimating Costs Bullet Resistance Ratings Explained Underwriter’s Laboratory

Energy Efficiency, LEED, and Bullet Resistant Architecture

LEED Building

For years there’s been grumbling that bullet proof barriers and LEED architecture are fundamentally incompatible. Simply put: That’s not true. Not only are bullet resistant materials compatible with LEED standards, but good bullet resistant design principles are fundamentally aligned with good LEED design principles: Both take a holistic approach in assessing how a building will

Bird-Window Collisions: Why Glaziers and Architects Should Care

Bird-Window Collisions

You’ve probably seen it happen. A bird flies smack into a window, completely unaware of its impending doom. While it’s not as big of a concern in single-family homes, glass-clad office buildings are estimated to be the cause of up to 988 million bird deaths each year — almost 10% of the bird population. Towering skyscrapers, however, are

Bullet Resistant Barrier Systems: Balancing Cost and Value

bulletproof barrier

It’s tempting to be secretive about your budget. We’ve all been in situations where a salesman seems to be intent on driving the price up, and it’s natural to be concerned about overpaying for a product or service. But when it comes to a custom bullet proof barrier system, being candid about your budget early

It Is Never Too Late to Improve School Security

School Entrance

Summer is construction season, especially for schools, which take advantage of fair weather and decreased building use to complete renovations and improvements. Now that the weather has turned brisk and school is back in session, it may seem like it is too late for a security retrofit. The good news is: late is never too

Costumed Pets Raise Funds for Bulletproof K9 Vest

Dona K9 bulletproof vest

Kids all over are dressing up in their scariest, funniest and prettiest costumes to celebrate Halloween and collect lots of candy! But last week, it was man’s best friend’s turn to get all dolled up…and for a good cause. Meet Dona, the newest member of Binghamton, New York’s K9 unit and the only one without a

How DuPont Kevlar Can Turn You Into Batman

How DuPont Kevlar Can Turn You Into Batman

Holy Kevlar, Batman©! Sometimes Hollywood gets it right. The high-tensile protective properties of Batman’s equipment have long been attributed to DuPont™ Kevlar®. And while some of his armor is pure pulp fiction (a Kevlar cape won’t stop bullets any better than a shower curtain), many of Batman’s gadgets are a lot closer to reality than