Architecture Facilitates Learning


The notion of collaborative learning is becoming increasingly popular in primary and secondary education. Schools are moving away from teacher-centric learning highlighted by long lectures and moving toward more active learning, where students work in small groups to learn hands-on and serve both as the student and teacher.

School Security and Access Control for Architects

two story school building with many windows

Schools often come in initially asking about very extensive Level 5 to 8 systems (which explicitly address the threat of high-powered ammunition and assault weapons). A level 5 to 8 system would likely include blast-rated and bullet resistant exterior windows capable of stopping very powerful ammunition and blasts, bullet proof doors throughout the facility, and so on.
Such high-level systems are prohibitively expensive, and also entirely unnecessary

Schools Used as Polling Locations Face Safety Concerns

vote sign on fence outside of building

Potential dangers of opening a school to voters could include everything from thousands of strangers in the building to increased car traffic in the parking lots and neighborhoods surrounding schools. Rarer, but still a threat, is the potential for non-custodial parents to use the chaos of election day as an opportunity to access their children.

Active Shooter Management in Schools: Deter and Delay


One of the Department of Homeland Security’s top recommendations for preventative active shooter management is access control. As we’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, the threat landscape for schools—especially rural and suburban schools—continues to evolve, as have have procedures among law enforcement and first responders. In most areas, if an active shooter can be slowed by just 20 seconds, law enforcement will have the time they need to lock down the scene and neutralize the threat.

Premium Ballistic Frames Offer Huge Boosts in Sustainability and Multi-Threat Risk Mitigation

Bullet Resistant Frames

TSS’s thermally improved, Kevlar-reinforced bullet resistant exterior aluminum door and window frame system is calculated to optimize R value, given the needs of a bullet resistant materials. It offers bullet resistance up through UL Level 8, and can accommodate a wide variety of acrylic, polycarbonate, and laminated bullet resistant glazings. “It’s an enormous performance boost, in terms of energy, and ballistic—a true ‘best of both worlds’ scenario.”

Chinese Ban “Weird Architecture”


Chinese architecture has definitely evolved over the years. Classical Chinese architecture is characterized by balance with the entryway centered and symmetrical wings. There is less emphasis on height, focusing instead on the visual width of a structure with over-sized roofs and platforms, downplaying the vertical walls. Modern examples of Chinese architecture, however, are more abstract and built on a much larger scale with a trend toward form over function.

The 10 Most Secure Locations in the United States


Specialized security features, like precision temperature control, armed guards and 25-ton nuclear blast doors are part of everyday operations for the world’s most secure locations. Trying to get into (or out of) these modern day fortresses without permission would require the prowess and high tech tools of James Bond, Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt combined

Seamless Collaboration Results in Seamless Security: Access Control and Custom Bullet-Resistant Doors

custom built bullet resistant doors

In most cases a buyer will order a door either veneered, or simply primed to be painted on site. For this particular job, they needed a quick, quiet, clean installation. The client also wanted to assure durability, so TSS handled a custom paint job, as well as all of the brass hardware, perfectly matching every other piece in the building. The result: security-rated doors and advanced access control systems, seamless integrated to fade into the background.

Your First Bullet Proof System: Planning, Production, and Installation

bulletproof glass barrier in business setting

Once the plan is squared away and approved in writing, the process rolls very smoothly. All TSS bullet resistant barrier systems and components are fabricated on-site). In order to assure tight tolerances among all of a barrier’s components, TSS relies on a highly tech-driven engineering workflow.

Novelty Architecture

Longaberger Headquarters

The phrase “novelty architecture” is used to describe architecture in which buildings are unusually shaped to deliberately draw attention, typically for the purpose of advertising. Structures like The Coffee Pot in Bedford, Pennsylvania became quite common along highways as the use of the automobile increased.