Michigan’s Business Beat Highlights Total Security Solutions’ Success

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The team at TSS is very proud to announce that our CEO, Jim Richards, was invited back to the radio show Business Beat on December 11, 2014 to speak with host Chris Holman. Jim made his first visit to the show in 2012 after being selected as one of the “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch”

Thoughtful Planning Needed for School Security

School Entryway

Over the past two years a number of “personal bullet proof shield” products have been heavily promoted as a low-cost school safety solution. These have ranged from “bullet proof” white boards and blankets to a variety of small fiberglass inserts intended to make any backpack or briefcase “bullet proof.” These products are generally made from

Architecture and Design for Today’s Schools: Secure and Inviting

Aluminum Door

Architects are increasingly asked to consider security—and especially ballistic security—when designing or renovating schools. And they’re rising to this challenge. Whether the project is for an elementary school or a university, and whether it is a retrofit or new construction, safe and cost-effective designs are emerging. That said, architects still find themselves hindered by low

Designing for the Job at Hand: If We Can Do It, We Will Do It


Ballistic glazing isn’t only for stopping bullets. From weather­-hardened research stations to zoo and aquarium enclosures, and even novelties like the Grand Canyon Skywalk and Skydeck Ledge viewing platform atop Chicago’s Willis Tower—bullet resistant glass is often relied upon for its strength, durability, transparency, and impact­ resistance. But it’s challenging material to mill, fabricate, and

Secured Glass Walkways Provide Thrilling Views


The trend of death defying walkways started in 2007 with the opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk and appears to be gaining momentum.  Tourists are thrilled with the exciting views and make a point to visit these spectacular walkways. However, there has been growing concern about the safety of the glass panels. Just a few

A Comparison: Bullet, Blast and Forced-­Entry Rated Glass

bullet proof bus stop

The term “bullet proof” gets used pretty loosely. For example, one popular image frequently seen online is this “bullet proof bus stop,” which was set up as part of a marketing campaign by a well­-known manufacturer of laminates and adhesives: The company loaded a bus ­stop poster case with $3 million; break the “bullet proof

Crime Doesn’t Pay…Unless You’ve Hit Viral Marketing Gold

Kents Meat Mkt

Take a real life botched robbery (trust me, you can’t make this video up), add in a catchy little jingle and voila, instant free advertising. Well, okay, not completely free given the cost of replacing the $500 broken window. But come on, are those pajama pants he’s wearing? Following a failed after hours burglary attempt

Architects Use Bulletproof Glass to Protect from Harsh Weather

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In many parts of the US, the major threat to a busy government office or university building is not a terrorist cell or a lone gunman—it’s severe weather. High winds from storms can turn everyday objects into deadly projectiles. More and more, Architects are using bullet resistant glass, Kevlar fiberglass panels, and ballistic glass ­clad

Architects and Contractors: Bullet Proof Glass Installation is Finish Work

Bulletproof Glass Installation

Ballistic glass stops bullets, but it’s not absolutely impervious to damage–especially during installation. If installed too early, you run the risk of the ballistic glazing and aluminum frames getting scratched, dinged, or discolored by chemicals. Unlike conventional glass windows, you can’t scrape paint off of a bullet proof window or wipe it down with Windex

The Evolution of Architectural Glass

Crown Glass

Clear, tinted, bulletproof, solar, energy efficient – the list goes on. Glass is a staple in both residential and commercial architecture. Not long ago, however, only the wealthy could afford even the most basic glass pane windows. Window Glass Through the Ages Window glass dates back to the Roman era. Windows of this time were