TSS creates custom bulletproof barriers for utility and electric co-op offices that meet the unique safety challenges the offices face, including remote or rural locations, large sums of cash on hand, and small staff.

Bullet Proof Barriers for Utility and Electric Co-op Offices


While electrical cooperatives are a relatively small part of the total electricity market (about 15 percent of the U.S. population is part of a co-op) they’re responsible for maintaining close to half of the nation’s electric distribution lines. Remote locations, wide service areas, and lots of cash on hand present unique security challenges for their customer service staff. Recently TSS has helped design and install …

San Francisco Passport Center featuring bulletproof glass arch windows

When to Replace Bulletproof Glass?

Bullet Proof Glass

Bulletproof glass is a serious consideration for any business or facility, and it is also a long-term investment. After the initial installation, your bulletproof glass should last for many years. In general, there are only four reasons you would need to replace ballistic glass.  Let’s take a look. Bulletproof Glass Replacement After Building Renovation If your building is being renovated, for …

Bulletproof School Entryway in school building featuring modern styling

When is the Right Time to Install Bullet Proof Glass?

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In the days following the civil massacre at a country music festival outside Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay hotel, someone casually asked Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards: “Are you guys calling all the hotels in Las Vegas?” Jim’s answer was to the point: “No.” Why?  “That’s not the right thing to do.” Working With Experienced Bulletproof Glass Experts  As Jim …

The future of fintech will be shaped how quickly financial institutions adopt artificial intelligence technologies and what customers want from their banking experiences.

The Future of Fintech and Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Banking Industry, Gradually

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To understand the future of Fintech (financial technologies) you have to look back at where we started. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no stranger to the banking industry. Early forms of AI technology, such as automated check processing, debuted in the 1950s, and the first automated teller machines (ATMs) arrived on the scene in the 1960s.  But a lot has changed …

attractive, modern bulletproof barrier designed specifically for the San Diego Healing Center

Attractive Bulletproof Barrier Design

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Modern. Clean lines. High Visibility. Upscale. Bulletproof. Which one of these doesn’t belong? While there is a strong perception that beauty and security cannot go hand-in-hand, attractive bulletproof barriers are totally possible. In some situations, a more pronounced bulletproof barrier design is exactly what the space and company requires. If that’s what your facility demands, we can achieve it. At …

bank bandit barrier arch window in a modern bank interior

The Bandit Barrier Deterrence Effect: Enduring Security for Banks, Credit Unions, and Check Cashers

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For years Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has been a strong advocate for the deterrence effect of bullet resistant bandit barriers. “This isn’t just a matter of opinion,” Jim explains. “We’ve been doing this for decades. We’ve watched the numbers: When more banks have bullet resistant barriers, fewer banks get robbed, and fewer people get hurt.” Facts and Figures: A Decade …

Banks recovering from natural disasters experience extra pressure on security and keeping business operations running.

Natural Disaster Recovery, Banks, and Bulletproof Security

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Earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires—recent headlines are a grim reminder of the importance of business continuity planning for speedy disaster recovery. This is especially the case for banks, credit unions, and local non-bank financial service providers (like check cashers). When it comes to natural disaster recovery, banks have extra pressure to move quickly. In the immediate aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake, families struggle to secure …

surveillance camera

Video Surveillance Equipment: Deterring Crime Before It Happens

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At Total Security Solutions, we understand that our bulletproof barriers are just one component of a successful security plan for any facility. A security professional may also recommend an access control system, a digital video recording system, proper employee training or a cash management system. With many of these security measures, going discreet isn’t always what facility owners are after. While bulletproof …

The best bulletproof glass for cell phone stores is likely Level 1 UL-rated bulletproof glass.

Best Bullet Proof Glass for Cell Phone Stores

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In the last few years there have been many viral videos of cell phone store armed robberies. They range from the classically stupid to downright terrifying. It has left many store owners asking: what is the best bulletproof glass for cell phone stores? Before we answer that, let’s take a look at these widely shared videos that show the many …