aluminum bulletproof frame

Understanding Rated Bulletproof Aluminum Frames

When considering a design that offers optimal protection for a building, bulletproof glass is just one of many potential components. Depending on the floor plan and type of function the building serves, you’ll need to incorporate things like ballistic doors, communication devices, currency trays, and most importantly bullet resistant framing. Much like the other components [...]

School Entrance

Talking with Schools About Bullet Resistant Glass Security

“No one really wants to think about needing a bullet resistant door in a school,” Eric Malzahn sighs.  Eric is a project manger with Total Security Solutions, and often finds himself talking to architects who go pale at the mention of bullet proof school security–even when their clients are the ones raising the issue. It’s [...]

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Free Introduction to Bulletproof Glass Webinar – May 14, 2014 – Register Today!

Whether you’re an architect, designer, or contractor looking to incorporate bulletproof glass elements into a project, or you’re a business owner who wants to learn more about how bulletproof glass can keep your employees safe, it’s quite possible your exposure to bulletproof glass is minimal. The staff at Total Security Solutions assists people on a [...]

Water Saw

Benefits of Working With a Full-Service Bulletproof Glass Company

When working on a project that involves a bulletproof glass component, overall barrier safety, functionality, and aesthetics are top of mind for the facility owners. If you’re an architect or contractor, those aspects of the job are important to you as well, but budget and timelines are also just as important. One delay could potentially [...]

bullet resistant acrylic

Understanding your Bulletproof “Glass” Options

When it comes to working with bulletproof glass, there are a few different “glass” options available– some of which aren’t even made of glass – and it can be confusing to know which material best suits your application. If you’re an architect or designer working with the material for the first time, Total Security Solutions [...]

Bulletproof School Entryway

Working with Schools on Bulletproof Renovations

If you’re working with a school on a renovation project that includes bullet resistant components, then April is the month to solidify your quote and timeline.  But that process can get derailed by sticker shock.  Most of your clients will only know about bullet resistant materials from movies and television; they may significantly over estimate [...]

1241011453_Arch Window

Avoidable Communication and Functionality Design Errors For Bulletproof Glass Barriers

Aside from making sure the bulletproof glass barriers we manufacture are safe and secure for the people who work behind them on a daily basis, another factor that is very important is that those people can actually work behind them. Believe it or not, when working with architect specs and blueprints, oftentimes we see functionality [...]

Bank Barrier

Avoiding Sticker Shock with Bulletproof Glass Projects

Sticker shock is a fact of life for architects.  Many clients have big ideas for their project, and no idea what it costs to get it done.  That sticker shock can be especially severe when a bullet resistant barrier is involved: The materials are expensive and their weight means you’ll have to beef up structures [...]

Educational Tools and Spec Info

Bulletproof Glass Educational Tools and Spec Information from Total Security Solutions

Total Security Solutions is committed to providing architects, contractors and other industries with the necessary tools to understand bullet resistant barrier products and your specific facility needs. From detailed spec information, CAD drawings, and product videos to partnerships with external sites such as ARCAT, the following resources are available to answer your most frequently asked [...]

Bank - Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof Glass Security Considerations For Financial Institutions

It should be pretty apparent why it’s a good idea for bank managers to consider bulletproof glass as part of their overall security plans. Due to many daily transactions that take place inside banks, as well as the allure of a big score, banks are susceptible to violent crime. To maintain optimal safety, while not [...]