What to Expect with a Municipal Bullet Resistant System Installation


Almost every municipal installation can be completed overnight. While some more involved projects, such as those that include a secured entry checkpoint, could take as long as a weekend, you can still expect to have that barrier in place and the space clear, clean, and usable with no lost business days.

Ballistic Barriers Reduce Barriers to Citizen Engagement

San Francisco Passport Center transaction window modern bulletproof glass

Modern bullet resistant security systems in professional environments have largely done away with the dingy old liquor store bullet proof glass, with its steel talking-holes, squawking intercoms, and muffled sound. Modern systems are bright and custom fitted to your facility and daily work needs, blending into the building and environment.

Decreasing the Risk of Robbery for Pawn Shops, Check Cashers, and Other Non-Bank Financial Service Providers

Modern looking customer service desk featuring bulletproof glass windows and door

While money service businesses and non-bank financial services both evolved along the same lines as banks (the former handling money transfers while the latter accepts the risk of cashing checks and extending loans), pawn shops are a very different animal, with their own history.

Ballistic Security Solutions for Non-Bank Financial Services Providers

bulletproof windows inside check cashing location

“The modern non-bank financial service business doesn’t look like your old-style mom-and-pop check casher. It’s upscale, a nicer environment for customer and worker, a better place to have as part of your community–and needs to look the part.”

The Ultimate Bulletproof Glass Test: The Ollie


Bulletproof glass is a broad term for a transparent material that withstands the impact of various ammunition. In every case, however, it’s not 100% glass. There is bullet-resistant acrylic security glass, polycarbonate security glass and glass-clad polycarbonate. Both polycarbonate security glass and ballistic glass-clad polycarbonate are capable of withstanding higher levels of security than acrylic when

Rigorous Testing Standards Ensure Effective Security


Total Security Solutions is dedicated to producing high-quality bullet-resistant products that effectively secure your company’s most valuables assets, from the employees behind the counter to the cash in the drawer. We manufacture our bulletproof barriers in-house to stringent specifications, the most demanding in the industry, guaranteeing superior quality. In addition, all of our system components pass rigorous

Mobile Ballistic Barriers: A Flexible Solution for Safety and Security Professionals

Bullet Resistant Systems that Satisfy Government Clients

In addition to increasing ballistic security, these barriers significantly increase the physical security of a space or event: At roughly 500 pounds per panel, a well-anchored mobile barrier offers excellent crowd-control, and will even successfully redirect many blasts and thwart improvised antipersonnel and fragmentation-generating devices.

Campaign Trail Security: Protecting The Candidates

Secret service agent watching seated crowd

The 2012 presidential election came with a security bill of $113 million dollars. This year’s election security will cost more than $200 million. That’s not taking into consideration any private security detail employed by the candidates themselves.

5 Questions Parents Should Ask About School Security

Roof of School Bus close up

Public and private schools in the U.S. take the threat of school violence very seriously hiring school resource officers to keep both students and staff safe in school, installing bullet resistant barriers in schools, and training both students and staff members on procedures to follow should an active shooter situation arise in, around or near their school.

Total Security Solutions Ranks No. 2977 on the 2016 Inc. 500|5000 List


Inc. magazine recently ranked Total Security Solutions No. 2977 on its 35th annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most comprehensive look at an important segment of the economy—America’s independent entrepreneurs. Companies such as Yelp, Pandora, Timberland, Dell, LinkedIn, and many others gained early exposure as members of the