Lego Batmobile Equipped with High-Tech Security Features

Kevlar® is used for its durability and heat resistance on a wide variety of real-world applications, from athletic safety gear to building construction to body armor. Even the U.S. military uses it in their combat equipment. If you want to learn more about Going Batman with Kevlar®, download our free infographic, which highlights actual Kevlar products that provide Batman-like protection in the real world.

Iconic TWA Terminal Receives New Life

The iconic main TWA terminal will remain intact and become a showcase element in the development of the new TWA Hotel. It will be flanked by two crescent-shaped buildings, which will be home to guest rooms, eight restaurants, and conference rooms.

A Contractor’s Introduction to Bullet Resistant Barriers

San Francisco Passport Center

From a contractor’s perspective, a bullet resistant barrier system has four major components: Windows Walls Framing Doors and Passers Bullet Resistant Windows All true ballistic materials have a “UL rating” that indicates how many bullets of what calibers it can be relied on to stop (for example, a “UL-rated Level 3” window will stop at

Bullet Resistant Glass Installation Tips for Contractors

As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards recently explained, “90% of the contractors we work with, they’ve never done it [installed a bullet resistant barrier] before.”  That’s why TSS offers robust support to contractors: so that even your first installation goes as smoothly as if you’ve done it dozens of times. Tip #1: Phone First All

Why You Need A Family Emergency Plan

Dad and son holding hands at the lake

Having a family emergency plan will also help your kids cope under pressure, and ensure that critical supplies like extra water, blankets, food, and backup power sources are there when you need them.


Architectural Glass Takes on a New Shape

Glass has become such a common material in modern buildings, it’s often easy to forget that we are relatively early in understanding the extent of its capabilities. It wasn’t even until the early 1950s, with the development of an automated float glass manufacturing process that provided consistent high quality at a moderate cost, that glass was

What to Expect with a Municipal Bullet Resistant System Installation


Almost every municipal installation can be completed overnight. While some more involved projects, such as those that include a secured entry checkpoint, could take as long as a weekend, you can still expect to have that barrier in place and the space clear, clean, and usable with no lost business days.

Ballistic Barriers Reduce Barriers to Citizen Engagement

San Francisco Passport Center transaction window modern bulletproof glass

Modern bullet resistant security systems in professional environments have largely done away with the dingy old liquor store bullet proof glass, with its steel talking-holes, squawking intercoms, and muffled sound. Modern systems are bright and custom fitted to your facility and daily work needs, blending into the building and environment.

Decreasing the Risk of Robbery for Pawn Shops, Check Cashers, and Other Non-Bank Financial Service Providers

Modern looking customer service desk featuring bulletproof glass windows and door

While money service businesses and non-bank financial services both evolved along the same lines as banks (the former handling money transfers while the latter accepts the risk of cashing checks and extending loans), pawn shops are a very different animal, with their own history.

Ballistic Security Solutions for Non-Bank Financial Services Providers

bulletproof windows inside check cashing location

“The modern non-bank financial service business doesn’t look like your old-style mom-and-pop check casher. It’s upscale, a nicer environment for customer and worker, a better place to have as part of your community–and needs to look the part.”