Protecting Pharmacists with Custom Physical Barriers

According to a 2015 report from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, “Pharmacy robbery is a serious and growing problem. … [R]obberies of pharmacies in the United States increased 82 percent from 2006 to 2011.”  The report’s authors hasten to add that this phenomenon is not limited to the United

The Ugly Truth About Violence in the Healthcare Industry

When you consider the physical and psychological condition of many patients in a healthcare facility, and the stresses that staff are under, it’s easy to understand why the industry experiences so much violence.

High-Function Custom Bullet Resistant Solutions for Banks

bulletproof glass bank teller windows CFE Hillcrest

Because most banks have similar needs—a secured teller line with bullet resistant windows, secured ballistic doors, and bulletproof fiberglass to reinforce counters—many security companies try and push a one-size-fits-all solution. With decades of experience designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing custom bandit barriers in banks and credit unions, Total Security Solutions knows how rarely this turns

Small Increase in Bank Robberies, Big Jump in Hostages

Arch Window System installed at a national bank located in Chicago, Illinois

Even though the 2015 increase in bank robberies was modest (a 3.5% bump) and the use of guns in bank robberies has continued to decline (only about 20% of all bank robberies now include a firearm), bank robberies are becoming increasingly traumatic: Fewer bank robbers came in armed, but those that did so often executed fast, violent armed takeover-style robberies, walking away with much more loot.

Lego Batmobile Equipped with High-Tech Security Features

Kevlar® is used for its durability and heat resistance on a wide variety of real-world applications, from athletic safety gear to building construction to body armor. Even the U.S. military uses it in their combat equipment. If you want to learn more about Going Batman with Kevlar®, download our free infographic, which highlights actual Kevlar products that provide Batman-like protection in the real world.

Iconic TWA Terminal Receives New Life

The iconic main TWA terminal will remain intact and become a showcase element in the development of the new TWA Hotel. It will be flanked by two crescent-shaped buildings, which will be home to guest rooms, eight restaurants, and conference rooms.

A Contractor’s Introduction to Bullet Resistant Barriers

San Francisco Passport Center

From a contractor’s perspective, a bullet resistant barrier system has four major components: Windows Walls Framing Doors and Passers Bullet Resistant Windows All true ballistic materials have a “UL rating” that indicates how many bullets of what calibers it can be relied on to stop (for example, a “UL-rated Level 3” window will stop at

Bullet Resistant Glass Installation Tips for Contractors

As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards recently explained, “90% of the contractors we work with, they’ve never done it [installed a bullet resistant barrier] before.”  That’s why TSS offers robust support to contractors: so that even your first installation goes as smoothly as if you’ve done it dozens of times. Tip #1: Phone First All

Why You Need A Family Emergency Plan

Dad and son holding hands at the lake

Having a family emergency plan will also help your kids cope under pressure, and ensure that critical supplies like extra water, blankets, food, and backup power sources are there when you need them.


Architectural Glass Takes on a New Shape

Glass has become such a common material in modern buildings, it’s often easy to forget that we are relatively early in understanding the extent of its capabilities. It wasn’t even until the early 1950s, with the development of an automated float glass manufacturing process that provided consistent high quality at a moderate cost, that glass was