National Blue Alert System Adoption Slowed By Lack of Funding

Police Safety

In 2016, firearms related-incidents claimed the lives of 64 police officers — a significant spike from the previous year. In fact, they were the leading cause of death in 2016 for law enforcement officers.  Typically, we hear about officers who are missing, injured or killed on the news and over social media, after the fact. However, the National Blue Alert System …

finding the right bullet resistant protection means understanding the specific location and threat level

Getting Contractors the Right Bullet Resistant Barrier for their Clients

Bulletproof Protection

Today Total Security Solutions is a major nationwide bullet resistant barrier component manufacturer—but that wasn’t always the case.  TSS started out exclusively sub-contracting, supplying contractors and glaziers.  Although TSS does a great deal of “tier 1” direct client work now, roughly 60 percent of their business is still in subcontracting.  “We really value keeping that balance,”  TSS CEO Jim Richards …

Revolutionary Origami Kevlar® Bulletproof Shield

Bullet Proof Kevlar, download, Industry News

Engineering professors at Brigham Young University (BYU) recently announced a potential revolutionary new Kevlar® Bulletproof shield for law enforcement. Based on the principals of traditional paper origami, the shield can fold out, providing increased peripheral protection and the ability to cover up to three people. Comprised of 14 layers of Kevlar® with an aluminum core, the bulletproof shield weighs in …

Many sectors need to update their video surveillance strategies and equipment in order to keep employees safe.

Video Surveillance in 2017: 4 Things You Need to Know

General Security

Video surveillance systems have, for years, been excellent tools to protect the safety of your staff and your clients. Updates in technology have served to make them more effective and less expensive at the same time. Newer video systems have capabilities that were only dreamed of in the past. Is it time to update your video surveillance system? Keep these …

The world's tallest building is the Burj Khalifa

World’s Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa, Might Be Surpassed

Architect Info

Presently, the record holder for the world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai at 2,722 feet. However, a New York-based architecture firm may have discovered a loophole to achieve the record for world’s tallest building without the red tape of New York’s zoning laws. Rather than build a single tower that extends the height needed to reach the …

Glaziers had Bulletproof Glass Installed on Client project

Preparing Glaziers To Work With Bulletproof Glass

Bullet Proof Glass, Glaziers

Glaziers are often a little reluctant to pick up that first bullet proof security job.  The stakes are high, the materials are expensive, and the challenges are unknown. Total Security Solutions has helped many glaziers work with bulletproof glass. Let’s start with three basic concepts that are important to know: It’s Not Glass and It’s Not Bullet Proof: Given enough bullets and …

Repairable transparent bulletproof armor

Scientists Unveil Repairable Transparent Bulletproof Armor

Industry News, Police Safety

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) continues to make remarkable breakthroughs in the development of bulletproof armor. This new transparent thermoplastic elastomer armor is actually a soft, rubber-like material. It is significantly lighter and maintains its clarity after being fired at better than traditional bulletproof glass without compromising its ballistic qualities. The most significant aspect of the discovery, however, is …

Utility Office Bullet Resistant Barrier

Improving Township Office Security With a Bullet Proof Facelift

Municipal Buildings

Townships don’t have the violent crime rates that urban areas do. But township offices see a wide variety of uses, which makes for a tricky security profile.  A single township office building might handle everything from utility bill payments to issuing permits, and serve as the local police station, emergency storm shelter, town hall for public meetings, and more.  As a result, township …

every year people try to bring banned items aboard commercial flights; airport security has confiscated thousands of these items

Strange Tales from Airport Security: What Not to Bring On A Plane.

General Security

Flying used to be glamourous. People dressed up, meals were served on china, seats were bigger, cabins more comfy. Today’s travelers are squeezed into cramped quarters, overbooked, asked to remove their shoes at security checkpoints, and in some airports, have their naked images reviewed on a full body scanner. Airport security is now the site of many strange tales.  The …