Repairable transparent bulletproof armor

Scientists Unveil Repairable Transparent Bulletproof Armor

Industry News, Police Safety

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) continues to make remarkable breakthroughs in the development of bulletproof armor. This new transparent thermoplastic elastomer armor is actually a soft, rubber-like material. It is significantly lighter and maintains its clarity after being fired at better than traditional bulletproof glass without compromising its ballistic qualities. The most significant aspect of the discovery, however, is …

Utility Office Bullet Resistant Barrier

Improving Township Office Security With a Bullet Proof Facelift

Municipal Buildings

Townships don’t have the violent crime rates that urban areas do. But township offices see a wide variety of uses, which makes for a tricky security profile. A single township office building might handle everything from utility bill payments to issuing permits, and serve as the local police station, emergency storm shelter, town hall for public meetings, and more. As a result, township …

every year people try to bring banned items aboard commercial flights; airport security has confiscated thousands of these items

Strange Tales from Airport Security: What Not to Bring On A Plane.

General Security

Flying used to be glamourous. People dressed up, meals were served on china, seats were bigger, cabins more comfy. Today’s travelers are squeezed into cramped quarters, overbooked, asked to remove their shoes at security checkpoints, and in some airports, have their naked images reviewed on a full body scanner. Airport security is now the site of many strange tales. The …

custom built bullet resistant doors

Supplying Architects with Bullet Resistant Doors for All Situations

Architect Info, Bullet Proof Doors

“Bullet resistant doors are just a lot more common than you think,” Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has often noted. “We’re talking about a client concerned enough about security that they’re doing a retrofit and buzzing every visitor through. Odds are good that they’re going to want that door and surrounding walls reinforced.” This isn’t just in jewelry stores and …

United Way Youth Center

Being Proactive About Employee Safety

Bulletproof Protection

Crime can happen anywhere, making employee safety a top priority for many business owners. This past winter, a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting in front of the Delonis Center, an Ann Arbor, Michigan homeless shelter, served as a wake-up call for neighborhood business owners. The bullet hit the window of a nearby bus stop shelter, shattering the glass, before hitting the …

woman's arm and hand shaking man's hand wearing suite

Architects Can Find a Partner in Bulletproof Experts

Architect Info

An increasing number of clients are considering or requiring bullet resistant elements in their projects. But few architects or firms see these projects regularly enough to be truly up-to-date on the intricacies of designing integrated, attractive bullet resistant barriers. It’s easy to slip up, and fail to account for weight, cost, availability, or any of the other little details that make bullet-resistant …

An open Apple laptop sitting on wood desk next to iphone and open book

New Apple Headquarters Boasts Miles of Glass

Architect Info

It’s move-in month for employees working at Apple Campus 2, the company’s buzz-worthy, flying saucer-like building located in Cupertino, California. Designed by UK architects Foster + Partners, the centrally-located park surrounded by a circular shape structure was a design evolution said to be inspired by London Square, where similarly, houses surround a park. With a circumference of more than one mile, …

Rearview close-up of a man wearing polka-dot dress shirt with cell phone to his ear standing in public place

Somebody’s Listening: The Battle Over Cell Site Simulators

General Security

In its broadest terms, wire-tapping refers to covertly monitoring someone’s telephonic activity with the use of a listening device. In its most primitive form, wiretapping involved an actual electrical tap on a physical telephone line, so that someone could listen in. Today, organizations and individuals on both sides of the law are still listening, monitoring, and spying. However, as phones …

Stadthaus Ballhausgasse located in Graz, Austria.

A Modern Material Reflecting the Past

Architect Info

Stainless steel has become increasingly popular in both interior and exterior architectural applications because of its corrosion resistance, appearance and durability. While the recent trend in architectural applications has leaned toward more reflective stainless steel façades, it wasn’t always that way. In the mid-1980s, the use of dull polished finishes was more prevalent, but they proved to be less resilient …

Carolina Medical Center

Administrators, Claims Reps, and Customer Service: The Forgotten Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Saftey

Without a doubt, healthcare facilities are among the most dangerous workplaces in the United States. Healthcare workers are about 25% more likely to be injured on the job than the average American worker, and are especially likely to suffer violent assaults while on the job. But violence in healthcare doesn’t just target emergency room nurses and pharmacists. Billing representative, benefit consultants, …