Total Security Solutions Teams with Government Contractors

California Water District Stockton

Government construction contracts are big jobs with lots of trades involved: electricians, plumbers, teams of carpenters and roofers, and more.  In the scope of such a huge job, the bullet resistant portion is likely fairly small–just a couple entryways, maybe a reception area or some exterior windows.  But these government jobs are more complicated than

Embracing Bullet Proof Projects in Government Construction Contracts

Tuscaloos County Sheriff's Office

Many experienced government building contractors are hesitant to pick up projects that require a bullet resistant barrier.  The high expectations and detailed specifications and regulations that come with any government contract can be headache enough, let alone the responsibility of building a facility that can resist highly motivated attackers.  Even though the barrier itself is

Acrylic Takes Architecture to New Depths


Fourteen years after initial construction began on the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji, an opening date still has yet to be set. However, more than 150,000 people have already registered to be the first guests. Located forty feet under the sea and outfitted with 25 guest suites, the resort provides unbeatable panoramic views of the

Navy Researchers Develop Superior Bulletproof “Glass”

bulletproof spinel

There are currently three main forms of commercially-produced bulletproof glass: acrylic, polycarbonate and glass-clad polycarbonate. Bulletproof acrylic is comprised of one solid sheet of acrylic that is at least 1″ thick. Ballistic polycarbonate and glass-clad polycarbonate security glass are manufactured by layering sheets of glass with sheets of polycarbonate which are then tempered and laminated

Glaziers: The Feet on the Streets

California Water District Stockton

Total Security Solutions has installed custom bullet proof barrier systems throughout North America for decades.  Today they are among the fastest-growing private companies in the United States–and they didn’t get there by loading up a truck with bullet resistant glass and driving from town to town. One of the keys to TSS’s success has been

April Showers Bring May Flowers…And Eco-Friendly Smart Glass

Smart Windows

The concept of smart glass is not new and in fact has been around for decades. This so-called “smart” glass has the ability to adjust its properties in response to the surrounding environment to block out heat or light. Some of the most basic smart glass applications are a self-tinting rearview car mirror or eyeglasses that

The Colorful History of Stained Glass

Stained Glass Window

Glass is a multi-purpose material, from the delicate applications of Chihuly’s glass sculptural art to the 32-foot glass cube of Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store in New York. By layering standard glass with other materials, adding metallic oxide powder or making slight modifications in the manufacturing process, the final strength and beauty of standard glass can

Teaming Up with TSS for Bullet Proof Glass Installation

United Way Youth Center

Many glaziers are hesitant to work with a national bullet proof glass specialist like Total Security Solutions.  Part of this may just be a matter of attitude: Why partner with a specialist?  Glazing is glazing.  But for others, calling someone like Total Security Solutions feels a little too much like swimming with sharks. “They’re worried

When Put to the Test, Tempered Glass is Best

tempered glass

What do you see when you: a) step into a glass stall shower in the morning; b) stare out a car windshield on the drive to work; or c) hold onto a glass railing while climbing the office stairs? Most people don’t give the glass in front of them a second thought. However, when shattered, standard

Bullet Resistant Panels Can Protect Against Tornados and Hurricanes

Indiana Governor National Guard respond to tornado destruction

For a school facility manager, safety is a primary concern. Maintaining a safe school ranges from day-to-day details–taking care of slippery floors, damaged fire-exit crash bars, loose handrails–to planning for disasters. Although disasters come in many forms–from active shooters to extreme weather–some similar strategies can be employed to increase school safety across the board. Many