Bulletproof Windows for Municipalities

[VIDEO] Ideal Bulletproof Barrier Systems For Utility Offices


Workplace violence is a valid concern for Americans, but media portrayal has led many small offices to believe they need a higher amount of bullet resistance than is actually necessary. This video looks at the needs of these types of buildings and discusses the levels of protection that are realistically …

A Better Backglazing Window System for Enhanced Office Security

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Not every building that needs bullet-resistant windows can easily install them. For example, a building like the White House needs to protect occupants, but doesn’t want to sacrifice the structure’s historic character. Similarly, the upper-story offices of a government building might warrant the addition of bulletproof glazing that can stop …

What is a Systems Approach to Ballistic Security?

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For those unfamiliar with ballistic security, it would be easy to assume the process needs only to involve a singular piece of bulletproof glass. Because the name itself inspires confidence, the average person may be unaware of the various components necessary to protect their environment. If you’ve seen our video …

Bulletproof Glass for Schools in 2022

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In the spring of 2021, many schools began in-person learning again for the first time since the start of the pandemic. According to the Washington Post, “a disturbing surge of campus gun violence … unlike any other in modern U.S. history” followed. Despite thousands of elementary, middle, and high schools …

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Modern Bulletproof Glass Barriers for High Traffic Municipal and Utility Offices

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Designing a bulletproof glass barrier system for city or municipal offices means striking a balance. On one hand, it is absolutely vital that local government be accessible to every member of the community—including those who face challenges with mobility, speech, hearing, or communication. On the other hand, the public servants …

TSS Office

Building Better Bulletproof Glass Systems in the American West

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In November 2021, Total Security Solutions acquired Bullet Guard Corporation, a bulletproof glass and bullet-resistant barrier manufacturer headquartered in Sacramento, CA. “We did a national search, and it turned out that the owners wanted to retire,” explains Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards. “As a company, they’re very similar to …

TSS Removable Backglazing System

[VIDEO] New Removable Backglazing System


When considering options for ballistic protection, facility owners and managers commonly run into the issue of how to balance security with the building’s current exterior aesthetics. Do you want to replace the existing windows and frames, or are you looking for another option—one that offers a level of protection that …

Retail Store Example

Security Remodels To Address the New Retail Reality


For retail security, there’s every sign that 2022 will be a continuation of recent trends. In a February 2021 presentation for ISC Security and the jewelry industry trade group JCK Pro, Rob Reiter, co-founder of the Storefront Safety Council, warned retailers that: “The notion that safe and secure is no …