Mobile Barrier Assembly

[VIDEO] VirusGuard™ – Mobile Barrier Assembly


Our VirusGuard™ – Mobile Barrier is a high quality, acrylic sneeze guard that ships directly to you and can be assembled in minutes. It is designed to be a moveable solution that blocks the spray of bodily fluids such as human sneezes and coughs. This non-bulletproof, mobile barrier can move …

Grocery Store Checkout

“Sneeze Guards” to Protect Corporate and Retail Spaces Against the Next Wave of Coronavirus

Corporate Security, General Security

OSHA is highlighting installing “sneeze guards” as the key to returning to normal business operations in the United States. In their Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration listed “clear plastic sneeze guards” among the key Engineering Controls they believe can aid in curbing workplace …

Defender Glass

[VIDEO] TSS DEFENDER Ballistic Protection and Forced Entry Glass Types


DEFENDER glass is an exterior product that offers a permanent solution to preventing forced entry and stopping ballistic attacks. We developed these specialty windows to answer calls from clients for a long-lasting solution that addresses multiple threats with one aesthetically pleasing barrier. DEFENDER glass is ideal for: Schools Corporate offices …