Retail Security Solutions and Workplace Violence Trends in 2021

Retail Security Solutions and Workplace Violence Trends in 2021

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For years, retail security solutions focused on loss prevention. This made sense: We’d enjoyed decades of crime reduction here in the United States. But, according to experts, “2020 Will End as One of America’s Most Violent Years in Decades.” This trend is all the more surprising because many experts expected …

Custom Bulletproof Systems

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TSS is the only national manufacturer of bulletproof barriers that offers end-to-end consulting and custom ballistic barrier system design. We’re able to retrofit any building with security systems that protect employees, match interior aesthetics, and modernize your space. When it comes time to install, we complete most installations in just …

Hospital Security - All Hazards Approach

Hospital Security and Healthcare Safety: The “All-Hazards” Planning Approach

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Setting aside coronavirus and pandemic-related safety issues, hospital security, and healthcare worker safety trends are still alarming on their own. According to the latest edition of the AFL-CIO’s annual worker safety report, Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect, “workplace violence is a growing and serious threat, particularly to …

Bulletproof Security Design and Installation Support for Glaziers and Contractors

Bulletproof Security Design and Installation Support for Glaziers and Contractors

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People generally assume that bad news is good news for the physical and bulletproof security industries. But Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has found that the news cycle has less impact than people think. TSS might see a spike in inquiries following some mass violence or unrest that gets …

Bulletproof Glass Installation: Experience Counts

Bulletproof Glass Installation: Experience Counts

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An increasing number of physical security companies—and even traditional builders—are offering bullet-resistant components and security design. But it’s rare they handle their own bulletproof glass installation. Instead, they rely on an “installation network”—in other words, they subcontract the final installation to local glaziers and contractors. While these may be excellent …

Data centers and other at-risk locations employ mantraps for access control to sensitive areas of the building

Mantraps in the Real World

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Real-world mantraps take a variety of forms. Generically speaking, a mantrap is a small room or vestibule with doors at either end. Depending on the application, these doors may or may not mechanically interlock. (“Interlocking” doors must be opened one at a time. It’s impossible to inadvertently or purposefully open …