Planning, Production and Installation

Planning, Production and Installation

The best bullet-resistant barrier system is the one that best fits your needs and your environment.

While many of the materials used by security specialists are the same, the comparison ends there. What separates Total Security Solutions from the rest of the industry is our ability to:

  • Accurately assess your security needs.
  • Design a multi-material system that provides the exact level of bullet-resistant security you need.
  • Craft these various materials into a system that works with your corporate culture as it is expressed in the design/decor of your work environment.

Stages of our Process

If you want a system that screams “bullet-resistant!”–yes, we can do that quite well. But what sets TSS apart is our ability to integrate aluminum, acrylic, polycarbonate, fiberglass, plastic laminate, and hand-crafted wood into a security system that looks as if it belongs in your space. You, your staff, and your customers will feel safe, comfortable, and right at home.

Your system will be on-time, on-budget, and expertly finished
Our reputation for high quality and responsiveness begins at the planning stages and carries all the way through installation in your facility. Your complete system arrives on time and our highly experienced installers assemble it in place. We specialize in overnight installations, so when you open the doors in the morning, it’s as if the system had always been there. There’s no construction mess because your system is custom designed and manufactured to fit perfectly – no cutting and very little drilling required.

The industry’s most responsive, personalized service assures that you will be completely satisfied with a system that meets the security challenges and functional needs of your facility.


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