data center employees

[VIDEO] Layered Security for Corporate Facilities

At one time, corporate security focused on C-suites and front-door access control at the headquarters. But as workplace...

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ballistic aluminum door

Fabricating Unique and Oversize Custom Bullet-Resistant Doors

Every organization—be it a private company, government agency, faith community, or school—is unique. This uniqueness...

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glass emitting spall

What You Should Know About Spalling in Ballistic Glass

You have a number of decisions ahead of you when planning a security project, especially if you intend to incorporate...

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Level 5 Door Blog Photo

Level 5 Doors: Now With Low Spall Glass

For years our clients have seen firsthand the engineering expertise and craftsmanship that our team brings to the...

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TSS’s New Level 8 Bullet-Resistant Glass Doors: Preparation Leads to Innovation

There's increasing demand for "storefront" style bullet-resistant barriers in non-retail settings. These are...

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